Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spelling List & Marshmallow Thursdays!

Each Monday the spelling list for the week is handed out.
We study the spelling list each day together, but the best day in our spelling week is 
Marshmallow Thursdays!

Here they are! ready and waiting!

On Thursday, I have the spelling list ready...
marshmallows ready...

So, what do we do?
I announce the spelling word,
my child tries to spell it-
if they spell it correctly
they get a mini-marshmallow!
It's so simple!

LOOK at these HAPPY faces!
They received one marshmallow for every word!

Spelling doesn't have to be scary or difficult-it can be fun! 
They love studying their spelling list and practicing
because they know on Thursday they will be rewarded
for their hard work and they will be prepared for their Friday test.

I love homeschooling my children
and making it an environment that is not just a place of learning,
but free from fear and stress.

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