Friday, November 18, 2016

Countdown to Jesus' Birthday

Every year I try and make some kind of  'countdown'
to Christmas board for the kids, 
and every year, after the season is over, I think,
"What in the world was I thinking! I'll never make that again!"
But this year I have a winner!!!

I  bought a black board from a local craft store,
and painted the wooden frame with a golden glitter acrylic paint.

Then I bought wooden stars and painted them white. 
(I glued gold ornament stars on top of the white stars).

The nativity scene is actually three dimensional stickers!
I could not find a wooden baby Jesus in His manger anywhere!
(I bought a small chalk board, painted it to look like the stable and placed the stickers on top of it).

The lettering is NOT chalk!
I used my silver paint pen to write out the words!
(The kids cannot erase them =)

Now we are ready for the Christmas season to begin!
Let the count down begin!!!

I will also be using my
"Biblical, Homemade Advent Calendar"
again this year.
Each night after dinner we will read the Scripture for the day.
(Each day the Scripture we read will tell the account of the coming of Jesus).
and of course, one child each night will receive a small present that connects to the Scripture!
I LOVE Christmas time and can hardly wait for December first!
Merry Christmas!!!

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