Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Day of Home School!

Here we are about to take on another year of home schooling!
My oldest is dual enrolled in college, my next is a freshman in high school,
two are in middle school, one is entering the third grade, and my baby is in first grade!

We are READY
EXCITED to be 
each day, 
every day
 for the whole school year!

This blog was inspired by the many pictures I've seen floating around the internet of moms jumping for joy for the new school year to begin, while their children are looking sullen in the background. I think it's quite heartbreaking that we are a nation rejoicing that we hand off our kids each day to someone else, a stranger, to raise and teach them. Truly, there are pictures of moms celebrating that they will not see their children eight to ten hours a day. Don't misunderstand me, I totally understand those that feel lead to put their children in school and I believe that in doing so they are answering the call God has for their lives, but to jump for joy on the first day of school that their children are leaving them, is disheartening. 

I get it, I do. Motherhood is hard and no one, especially me, will argue that, but to rejoice in not being a part of their day, well, to me that is just sad. And it wasn't just upsetting to me, I showed my two oldest children the scores of pictures that moms had taken of themselves jumping for joy that the first day of school had arrived and my daughter commented, "They don't know what they are missing."

So, when I told my children that I would like to take a "First Day of School" picture of ALL of us jumping for joy, they quickly joined me-even my sixteen year old! 

I'm not sitting in judgment of anyone who isn't homeschooling their child/children, or those who took the pictures I spoke of, but rather, taking a moment to say, 'Children are a blessing' (Psalm 127:3-5) and I think we should really keep that in the foremost of our minds and pray that we see them as a blessing and treat them as if we really believed it! 

So, for all of us moms who are homeschooling, putting our children in private or public school, I pray blessings on your first day back to school and on the year that lies ahead! May you be anointed by God to complete the tasks He has put before you. May you be comforted and filled with wisdom by Holy Spirit when the homework gets hard, projects are due, grades are lower than you hoped. May you be at peace that He will give you the wisdom you need to train and lead your children through the tough times that school can bring. May you rest in knowing that you can trust the Lord to bring you through and rest in knowing that you are not alone in your parenting. May you see each one of your children as a blessing from the Lord, forgiving and forgetting past hurts or disappointments and begin this new year with a new hope for a better year and a deeper relationship with your children. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! on a new and wonderful school year!

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  1. Oh, how I love this! Last year I wrote a blog post myself about how it grieved me to read comments from mothers about wanting their children to go back to school--to be away from them for an entire day at a time. One mother wrote that she wanted to jump off a cliff by the end of the summer after having been with her children for those months. Sad! I wholeheartedly embrace what you've written, sister, and I'm going to share this with a home-school group. :) Blessings on YOUR year, too! Allison (Wilson) Lee