Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Adventures as Sandra Bullock

As a dating couple back in 1995, my husband and I went to see the movie, "While You Were Sleeping." We loved it. We left the theater and couldn't stop talking about it, but by Sunday morning we forgot all about it and had our minds on getting to church. As we arrived and began talking to friends I saw, my then, Pastor's wife making a bee-line towards me with a huge smile. As she approached me she excitedly asked, "Did you see the movie, "While You Were Sleeping?" I cautiously responded with one eyebrow raised, "Yes." Then she exclaimed to me and my friends, "Doesn't she look exactly like the girl in the movie... Sandra Bullock?!" I was startled. Before I knew it they were all staring at me, studying my face and agreeing that I could be Sandra Bullock's sister. With a feeling of beauty filling my heart I raised my head and felt great about myself, as if I had actually accomplished something.

Since that time, I have had the most hysterical adventures as Sandra Bullock!

One time a few years ago, I was in Walmart, pregnant and standing in line with four of my children when I over heard a few teenagers giggling at the magazine rack. I looked over at them and they giggled again. I then asked, "Can I help you?"
They said, "Aren't you Sandra Bullock?" One of the teens squealed with excitement and turned away from me. I had to tell them the truth-right? I let them down easy, but they refused to believe me! I tried to reason with them, saying things like- "Sandra Bullock is not pregnant." They didn't care.
I then said, "I'm sorry girls, but Sandra Bullock doesn't live here." No response, no change in their attitude. Then I said the thing that rang some truth, "Sandra Bullock doesn't and would never shop at Walmart!" That got them. They eventually walked away talking and trying to convince each other.

Another time I was shopping at Walmart alone when I noticed two men following me throughout the store. I quickly grabbed a few more items and went straight to the registers. I looked around and saw the men at another register checking out too. I left the store and did a light jog to my car. A bit worried I looked over my shoulder and there they were. The two men were but a few paces behind me. I loaded up my car and stopped and said, "Can I help you?"
They responded, "You know who you are."
I was nervous. Did they think I was a lost love? An old friend who hurt them? I called out, "I'm sorry, there must be some mistake. I have never met either of you before."
They responded again, "You know who you are."
They were not showing any signs of aggression, my nerves began to calm down a bit and then it hit me, they must think that I'm SANDRA BULLOCK!
I said, "Do you think I am Sandra Bullock?"
They smiled and began to laugh, "YES!" That's who you are!"
I apologetically told them I was not, but they would not believe me.
I tried again, but they laughed. I tried my, "Would Sandra Bullock shop at Walmart?" routine, but that would not set them off their course of telling everyone they knew that they had just met a famous actress.I got in my car and left. I drove home feeling very proud of the Oscars that I had not won!

Okay, one more story. This time I was standing in-line at Jo-Ann's fabric store. I was purchasing material to make a blanket for my new born. I still had my pregnancy weight and the quite exhausted look from the infancy stage. As I laid the fleece fabric and other items on the counter I began to talk to the cashier. Soon, everything became quiet. I looked around. I went back to discussing my things with the young lady behind the counter and then looked back at the now long line of customers behind me. I was surprised. One minute there was no one in line and the next second there was a long line of ladies standing behind me. I looked back at the worker and heard whispers. I ignored it. There was no way that I was being mistaken for Sandra Bullock again- not AFTER pregnancy! The murmuring continued. I finally looked up and said to the group of women, "You guys don't think I'm Sandra Bullock-do you?"
The reply came in one chorus, "YES!"
I said, "Well, you all just made my day. I'm sorry, but I am not."
One of the ladies whispered to me, "But you are her sister-right?" and then added, "I'll take your autograph." Tempted, but no. I did not succumb to the temptation. I so wanted to make them happy, but I didn't even know if Ms. Bullock had a sister!

I have years of stories of being mistaken for Sandra Bullock and they are all too funny! Well, now, what do  you think? I'd love to hear from you!

This is me...

I'm not a celebrity, 
but some think I look like one!


  1. Love these stories! Too funny! And yes, you DO look like her :) I interviewed her once on a red carpet. Did you know she speaks fluent German?

  2. THANKS! Yes, the stories have been quite fun! And NO! I didn't know you interviewed her or that she spoke German...I guess I better start learning German so I can see how far I can fool the public! lol!