Wednesday, January 20, 2016

100th Day of School!

This is our 100th Day of school celebration.
We spent the day counting and counting and counting to 100!

First, we started by counting on our 100 days chart.
(My princess was a great helper).

Then we read the book,
"The 100th Day of School." 

Then we made our 100th day hats!
This is an Ellie original!
I purchased the number stickers from Oriental Trading.
I then cut ten strips and stapled them to the base of the hat.

Then each child had to put their number stickers on each strip.
They did great!

It wasn't easy, but each one did it =)

After all that hard work we stopped for snack time!
We counted twenty sprinkles on each cupcake!
One of my student's mommy made these treats for the kids-
How PRECIOUS is this!!!
Thanks Emily!

Afterwards we painted!
(I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest).

We had ten different paint colors.
Using our fingers, and one color at a time, 
we counted ten 'gumballs' and continued and
 changed colors until we reached 100.
At the end of it all we had 100 gumballs!

Lastly, we celebrated all the students who read 100 books!
I handed out the 'Book Worm' log form back in September, 
and the children have been diligently working on it all year.
Today seemed like the perfect day to celebrate that too!

I made little goody bags for them to take home.

Each child wanted to have their picture taken!
I'm so proud of all my students!

It was a wonderful day celebrating our numbers together!
Each child received a certificate too!

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