Thursday, January 28, 2016

Little House in the Big Woods: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Two Big Bears

I LOVE this chapter! In this chapter Ma and Pa have a separate, but equally scary adventure with a bear! The children loved it!

On the first day we read Ma's encounter with a bear. In it we learned that Ma and Laura went out at night to milk the cow, Laura was holding the 'lantern' for them to see. So, I took out a lantern I had bought, closed the shades, lit the lantern and continued to read by the lantern's light! It was so fun!

Knowing that we were going to hear two stories on bears, I had the children do research on bears. We learned about what bears live in the United States, where they live, what they eat, and much more!

The next day when we read about Pa's adventure, The Story of Pa and the Bear in the Way," I gave the children a bear to color and put together. When they were done completeing the bear, they had to decide which story, Ma's or Pa's, they liked better. They had to summarize the story and explain why they liked it.

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