Friday, July 24, 2015

Celebrating My Hubby's 40th Birthday!

My hubby turned 40 this year
and I knew I wanted to do something really special.
For me, special means a surprise party!
I began making plans in March for his July party!
The first part of the planning were the decorations.
I decided to make a 'time line' of his life.
Each card, of the time line,
 had the year, a picture of him, and a Bible Scripture.
 I prepared 40 cards for his time line and
then strung ten cards together at a time.

The first twenty cards of time line  were strung
in the center of the room...

The next ten cards were strung and hung over the den windows...

and the last ten cards were strung around the fireplace.

A closer look at the time line...

It took a long time to make,
but I wanted to bless him that as he looked back over 
his life he would see how Jesus has lead and guided him.
(The Bible Scriptures I chose were either ones that I knew
were special to him or that I felt God wanted to 
encourage him with).

(After the party, I had all the cards of the timeline bound
and turned them into a book for him-
so he can page through and enjoy over the next 40 years!).

The next 'special' thing I planned was:
on the invitations I asked  if everyone could bring a pie.
My husband LOVES all kinds of pies!
As I knew all the adults would love pie and whip cream
I thought the kids might not.
I went ahead and made "cherry pie cupcakes" and
'blueberry pie cupcakes!"
(The 'berries' are m&m's!)
When everyone arrived, including the birthday boy, we gathered around and prayed over him. We were a group of about fifty people, all agreeing for God's blessings on my husband's life. I was blessed by all who came, I know he was too!

I think turning forty is a pretty big are realizing half your life is over and you begin to reflect on what you've come through, how you've handled it, and where you're going. (I know all those questions, and more, filled my mind when I turned forty). So, to have those you love and trust around you, praying for you and loving you is really important. I'm believing and praying for my husband to have more joy, and even a clearer vision of what God has for the next forty years of his life!

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