Friday, July 10, 2015

Little House on the Prairie: Chapters 12 & 13

Chapter 12: Fresh Water to Drink and Chapter 13: Texas Longhorns

Sadly, I cannot find all the pictures I took of the work the children completed for these two chapters, but I will say that, 'Fresh Water to Drink,' was another chapter that simply amazed my children.

The hard work to dig the well, day after day, and then to need the help of a neighbor because Pa couldn't do it alone was astonishing to my children. As we read about Mr. Scott's carelessness with following Pa's rules, the children began to have more respect for rules, order and taking your time to get the job done right. So, my two little children were asked to make a summary, step by step, on how to dig a well. My older children helped write the summary and then when on to write about how they felt about Mr. Scott's foolishness in not abiding by Pa's rules.

Chapter 13 was a wonderfully exciting chapter for the children and I. We marveled in how God provided work for Pa and cows for the Ingals family. We had not heard the family mention milk or butter, but we had assumed they had it. The awe in not having milk, or butter when you want it amazed my children. My children were so happy for the family that our writing assignment reflected it. They were asked to write how they would feel if they couldn't have milk or butter. To write about all the things that they could not bake or eat. (They wrote about not having cereal in the morning, no 'milk and cookies, no butter on toast...etc.) Then they wrote about the elation of having a cow to milk!

It was a lovely, happy chapter!

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