Thursday, February 5, 2015

Learning to Quilt

 I bought a 'beginners' quilt kit for my daughters and
 was very excited about spending part of the summer sitting
 side by side with them
 learning and making a quilt together. 
We opened up the directions and suddenly felt cross-eyed. 
We could not understand anything!
Immediately I picked up the phone, called my dear friend 
and asked if she would like to come and teach us quilting.
Her answer was, "I'd love to."
Thus, the adventure began!

We didn't have a cutting board,
the measuring board or a rotary cutter-
now we do.

My friend's instructions, kindness, love and patience allowed 
my daughters to fall in love with quilting.
I will never forget all she has poured into their lives.
If you have anyone in your life that could teach your
girls something that you cannot,
I encourage you to do so.
My girls will never forget their time quilting.

My older girl has worked with a sewing machine before,
but learned so much more.

This little cutie, never used the sewing machine before, 
nor used the iron- now she loves to do both.

Of course, my three-year old was looking on at every turn.

 The first square done, out of six!

Back to work...

                                   Once a week my dear friend came and worked with,                                      
and taught my girls with such tenderness and love.

                                                                 Almost done!

                                           It was hard knowing the quilt was almost complete-
                                                    I didn't want our time together to end.

                          I guess I'll have to think of something else for her to teach my girls!

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