Monday, February 16, 2015

"Gifts from God" Birthday Party Theme

For my daughter's 13th birthday we tried to think of a special theme.
She loves all forms of art-
She loves dance-
She loves playing the piano-
and the list could go on.
Not one idea felt right to be the theme for her 13th birthday.
Then it came to me,
all the things she loves to do
are Gifts from God.
The theme was set -'Gifts from God.' 
My daughter and I began making paper
presents for the decorations.
(She adores the chevron pattern).
I made the labels.



 The decorations were taped to the windows.
So, with the theme, "Gifts from God,"
the cake had to be a present!
It's a six layer cake!
I've never made one before
and I haven't worked with fondant in years,
but she was so happy!



With each child's birthday,
we begin our time together with worship and prayer.
The birthday child chooses the worship songs
and when we are done we all gather around the child
and pray a blessing on them.

 My littlest loves to dance while we sing!

Here's the inside of the cake-- half eaten!

It was a wonderful birthday because the focus was on how much the Lord has blessed her and wants to use her gifts for His glory and to touch the world.  We also gave her thirteen presents that I coordinated with Scriptures that we wanted to use to speak into her life. I really believe and it is a birthday that she will not forget.


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