Sunday, December 7, 2014

Little House in the Big Woods: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Summertime

In the beginning of this chapter we learn that Laura, after being taunted by Mary, slapped her sister across the face. Pa notices and calls her inside. Pa explains to Laura that one of the rules in their home is to refrain from hurting another person. He then tells her that she must mind what her Pa and Ma say. The discipline was a spanking. After Laura's spanking, Pa scoops her up in his arms, holds her tight and loves her.

Our assignment for the day was to look up Scriptures pertaining to discipline. We found Scriptures that clearly speak to the parent about disciplining their child, 'as to drive the foolishness bound up in a child's heart far from them.' (Proverbs)  We also saw how God discplines those He loves so we may be holy. (Hebrews) We talked about how discipline is an example of love. The parent cares so much for the child and desires them to live according to the Bible that they would take the time to discipline them. I love that after Laura was given her spanking her Pa holds her and loves her. He spanked her, not in anger, but in love and that love was received.

Our project was to make a small Bible. On the inside we wrote down the Scriptures we looked up and explained in our own words how discipline is a form of love.

Next we read about how Ma made cheese. To be honest, it was confusing for me, since I had NO idea, in the least, what any of the terms she used so freely, meant. I turned to YouTube to help me. I searched, "How to make cheese" and came up with the video below. Seeing it done made it very clear. So, the children and I watched it together.

Making Cheese: The Traditional Way (In Northern Italy)

I also rented, Extra Cheese, Please, by Cris Peterson from the library. The children and I read all about how to make cheese and then wrote about it.

                                                           Also in the this chapter,
                                                we learned about how Pa found and
                                                      collected honey from a tree.
                                             I added more books to this lesson and
                                                         we read about honey farms.

                             After we learned all there is to know, we spent time writing
                                    the steps down in our "Collecting Honey" booklet.

I'll tell you one thing I've learned through all the many lessons is that Pa and Ma never stopped working! They worked from sun up to sun down. They are an inspiration to me of what hard and diligent work really is. How much they loved each other and their children and how they worked so hard to provide a beautiful home for them. They have kept me on my toes just trying to teach my children all the different chores they did naturally every day!

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