Monday, November 17, 2014

Little House in the Big Woods: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Going to Town

There was much to learn in this new chapter, but what we focused on were just a few things.

First, we talked about the little poems written on the candies the girls received and then worked together to write our own poems.

Next, the little kids learned how to sew Laura's pocket! They loved it.

Lastly, we talked extensively about how Laura compares herself to her older sister. Laura is not grateful to God for her brown hair or the candy she received because her poem was smaller than Mary's.  We discussed how ungratefulness and jealousy can lead to bitterness and anger towards God. The older children were given Scripture verses to look up. (This idea came from The Prairie Primer). The older children made their own pocket and placed the Scriptures into the pocket.

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