Monday, November 17, 2014

Superman Party!

My Superman!
This little guy not only wanted a Superman birthday party,
but wanted his siblings and friends to make a Superman movie with him.
So, we did!

We wrote the script for the movie as a family.
Each night at the dinner table we all added our thoughts and ideas.
I was in charge of costumes!
My husband in charge of filming it and
all the kids were the actors.
My youngest wanted to be a princess AND a supergirl-
So- that's what she is!

The villians in our story were the
Lucky, Ducky Duo...

 It took almost two hours to film a 6 min. movie!
But it's a memory we'll never forget!

I found Superman rings at a local cake shop,
so I make cupcakes and placed a Superman ring on each one!

A cereal box piñata!

My friend told that making a cereal box piñata is easier to make than an old fashion paper mache piñata- and she was right! I had a double size cereal box
 and had no idea what else to make than Superman's shirt.
1) First I filled the box with lots of candy!
2) Then I wrapped the box in wrapping paper.
3) Then wrapped it again in this royal blue glitter tissue paper.
4) For the arms, I used a sheet of the tissue paper and wrapped it around
a plastic disposable cup.
4) I used red streamers to make his cape.
and 5) Lastly, I cut out the Superman symbol from one of the cake plates!
I completed this piñata in less than one hour!

It was such a fun day!

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