Wednesday, December 31, 2014

God, Me & My A,B,C's

God, Me and My A,B,C's
God, Me & My A,B,C's!
written and illustrated by me!

It is a wonderful Pre-School Bible Curriculum
that teaches children:
-their alphabet
-Bible Stories throughout the Old and New Testament
-Bible Memory Verses and
-Bible Crafts

*Sample shown below*
Below is the student page for the letter Aa.
The children will hear the story of  how Adam and Eve
disobeyed God.
The title of the page is "Adam ate an apple."
Then they will color in their letter of the week: Aa.

In the back of the book the teacher will find the craft pieces.
(All of the craft pieces, for each letter, are included in the back of the book!)

Here is what the completed letter Aa page will look like!

I have also written a Teacher's  Guide to go along with the student book.
It will guide the teacher in how to use the student workbook,
help plan her lessons, add ideas to the lesson,
 and create a wonderful experience using this book.

If you are interested in a copy of:
God, Me & My A,B,C's!-$12
and the Teacher's Guide-$20
God, Me & My 1,2,3's!-$25
(God, Me & My 1,2,3's is a math book
 that compliments the A,B,C book. 
It has over 70 pages of activities for your child!)
God, Me & My A,B,C's Flashcards! -$15

To hear more about pricing
please contact me at:

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