Friday, November 29, 2013

"Jesus Loves..." Ornaments

Each year I try to either make an ornament for each member of my family 
or buy one as a way to remember the year.
The ornaments in this article were not an 'Ellie original.'
A dear friend of mine, Jacque, showed me the ornaments she made for her family
and I knew I wanted to make them for mine.
She told me that, through these ornaments, her tree is covered with the names of her children,
their spouses, and now her grandchildren! 
She shared how every Christmas the children go running into her home
 to find their names on her tree.
 I love that idea! 
I also love that at Christmas time with all the distraction from
 shopping, Santa's songs, and Rudolf movies, 
there is something for the children to remember.
Remember that Jesus, the only Son of God, came to earth
out of His great love for each one of us. 
He came because He loves us. 
That is what Christmas is all about-it is to remind us of God's great love.
Here they are:

Many of you who are crafty or know how to cross-stitch
can clearly see that this was not the art of one professional cross-stitcher, 
but more an ornament that was crafted in a labor of love. 

I bought enough frames for each member of my family.
 I picked up the aida at a craft store along with red and green embroidery thread.
And then I designed and drew on the aida in order to follow the pattern.

This is not a difficult project, but neither is it a completed one!
Don't tell my little one that their momma hasn't made hers yet! (Yikes!)
I guess I'll be making one more this season!
Blessings to you all!
Remember that God loves YOU!!!
John 3:16

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