Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"El, We're Not in Brooklyn."

No, I never lived in Brooklyn. Queens was my home and I don't live there now, but nevertheless my hubby did state the words, "El, we're not in Brooklyn" just the other day.

It all started when he wanted to put a clothes-line up in the backyard for me. He pointed out different areas of the yard where he thought he could create an outdoor dryer for our clothes. But to each one of his ideas I responded that it was just too far from the house. Honestly, I couldn't see carrying a basket full of wet clothes down the stairs (my laundry room is on the second floor), through the house, out the back door and across the yard. He kept making suggestions that moved the clothes-line closer to the house, but nothing was good enough for me, until I thought of something.

My idea was having a clothesline out my bedroom window. I thought it was truly brilliant. My wet laundry is upstairs. My bedroom is up stairs. So why not have the clothes-line 'upstairs?' That's when my husband said, "El, we're not in Brooklyn." But with a little convincing my husband installed my clothes line- upstairs.

I giggle every time I look out the window and see my clothes dangling from a rope two stories high! I cannot imagine what my neighbors think! They know I am from New York, so they probably think this is normal for me and they would be right or they simply think I'm crazy, but clearly I'm not too worried.

Here it is!
My Brooklyn clothes-line in Virginia! 
I really love it. It's easy and manageable.

I think what I love the most about it is how my husband didn't really want to hang our clothes out for the whole neighborhood to see, but he loves me so much that he gave up what he wanted, for me. I wasn't obstinate or mean to him, I just know myself and know that my day is already filled with many things to do. I really couldn't see using a clothes-line that was, as I put it, too far from the house. I love how my husband can hear me and meet me where I am at. Who knows, maybe one day I'll have a Virginia clothes line in Virginia! 

Can you hear me giggling?

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