Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Do You Know Your Name."

Each night after I put my three year old and one year old to bed I hear my little boy sing to my baby girl. He sings all sorts of songs that he knows. I truly love it.

Well, one day while pushing them on the swing I was singing to the kids. I had sung lots of songs and then asked, "What song do you want me to sing now?"
Daniel answered, "My song."
I started singing a song that my husband wrote for him, but he interjected and said,
"No, not that one. MY song."
I asked him to sing it to me.
Well, he started singing a song HE made up. I wish you could hear the tune, but the words are:
"Do you know your name. Do you know your name. Do you know your name..."

Yup, that's it. "Do you know your name sung about twenty or so times with no inflection as if you were asking a question. So, there I was singing his song over and over again. The really funny part was hearing my one year old singing it with me! (This must be one of the songs he sings to her while in their beds!).

The next day or so we were out again on the swings and there I was singing The Wheels on the Bus type of songs and as many Bible songs as I could remember. When my son asked me to sing HIS song again. (It is now a part of our everyday song line-up). 

As I'm singing it Daniel said, "Mommy, I added new words to my song." 
(I was excited to hear it and I a little nervous too).
He sang, "Jesus knows your name. Jesus knows your name. Jesus knows your name..." in the same tune as "Do you know your name."

I stopped pushing the swings and I thought, "Wow. It's true." 
I know you must think I'm silly, but for one full day I was singing, "Do you know your name."  and was forced to think what in the world does that mean? Yes, I know my name!

But when I heard, "Jesus knows your name" I was truly struck by the power of it- I may not know everything about me, (okay I know my name), but Jesus not only knows me-He knows my name. He created me. He knows how many hairs on my head. (Matthew 10:30)  He knows when I sit and when I stand. He knows my prayers before I even say them. (Psalm 139)

Backing up a bit-about a month ago I was driving alone in the van with my two youngest children. The car ride was quiet so I thought I'd take the opportunity to speak into Daniel's life about how much God loves him.

First I asked, "Hey Dan, do you love Jesus?"
Daniel, "Yes, mommy, very much."
Me: "Do you know Jesus loves you too?"
Daniel, "Yes, mommy- Jesus loves me."
He said it in a kind of a slow thoughtful way like he was thinking about something else-he paused after answering me and then said,

 "Mommy, do you know that Jesus loves all the peoples?"

Funny, how humbled I was right in that moment. My son loves Jesus and he knows he is loved. The astounding thing is he also knows that Jesus loves everyone in the world- and he wanted to make sure that I knew it.

'Jesus knows your name' and 'Jesus loves all the peoples" -that is the Good News or the Gospel right there. Jesus knows you (Put your name on the line)_________ and He loves you  (put your name on the line)_________  and He died for you so that you can know Him.  The Gospel is so simple- so that everyone can understand it and receive Jesus~simple enough, even for a three year old. Don't make the gospel more complicated than that- it's not.

 Jesus knows your name and died for you
 because He loves you. 

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