Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on "Can I Get a Do-Over?"

I shared how the Lord set me on a new path, but failed to tell you what new path we are on. Each night we, the kids and I, would read a chapter or two of the Book from the Bible we were studying. We chose to do it at night because the little ones would be asleep and the house was quiet.  But sometimes it didn't always work out.  We'd forget or sometimes I'd be too tired. It was really bothering me that we weren't committed to it or putting the Word of God first in our lives. Well, when I was down on myself I really felt like the Lord showed me a better way. The morning! After the little ones go into play-time, and before the kids start school, we should sit around the kitchen table with our Bibles and read. It has worked out great. The house is still quiet, the kids are fresh to start the day and we haven't forgotten once!

We have been working through the Book of Job and just finshed it. I have learned so much from our study, (I hope they have too), but the important thing for me is that they see how important the Bible is to me, for themselves, and to see all the lessons we can learn from it and others lives in it. I love the to read the Bible and if I pass nothing else on to my children I pray it will be that they will cherish the Word of God too.

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