Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Little Snowman...A Great Memory.

On my Joy School blog I mentioned how I went to 'Joy School' when I was little --here's what I said...

 "Well, when I was three years old some ladies in our church started a little school for me and my friends- they named it Joy School. I have never forgotten how very excited I was each week to attend Joy School- to sing songs of Jesus, and make crafts. I'll never forget the Christmas party they threw- even the parents were invited. My mom came. I sat on her lap throughout the whole party. We made a snowman ornament craft (that I still hang on my Christmas tree each year) and ate pfeffernusse."

it's true I still have the snowman...

and here it is~

(the cute handwriting of a four year old =)

Every year that I have taken that snowman out it really brings back sweet memories. Memories of the church basement being decorated for Christmas. The tables had white table clothes, beautiful dishes and cups, hot cocoa, marshmallows, (of course), treats and craft material set out.  Memories of my friends and I being so excited. Memories of my mom showing up and allowing me to sit on her lap. Memories of Christmas songs being played. Memories of trying pfeffernusse for the first time, loving it, and being allowed to eat as much as I wanted. Memories of making a craft that I could be proud of.

So over the years, when Christmas time came along, I would always look for the craft materials I used to make that snowman. As a teacher I wanted it so I could make the snowman with my many students over the years. I have never found it-- until this year. Just the other week I was in the veterans thrift store with the girls, when in their Christmas craft box, I saw a craft kit for a snowman- it looked kinda like what I had as a child and for a dollar I bought it for my seven year old.

The other day I took out our Christmas crafts and set my daughter up to make her snowman. I showed my husband and said, 'Hun, doesn't this look like the craft from when I was four years old?" He picked up the package...

read the publication date and it said it was made in 1973! (I made my craft in 1974!) how funny is that!? Not only that, but it was made in Bronx, NY! I laughed! who knew I had to travel eight hours from my birth place to find what was made back there?! LOL!

Honestly, I'm not making this up, my daughter has absolutely loved making her snowman. Her snowman is different than mine- her's has sequence and pretty beads and she has enough beads left over that she is covering the back too!

 How neat is that? isn't it pretty?

I know so many times I want to completely throw the towel in on my childhood memories and say,
 'Lord, please take them all away--there's too much pain.'
 but then He lets me see that it wasn't all bad. and somehow God has allowed me to remember these sweet times, to treasure them in my heart and be able to repeat them with my daughter.

 I treasured today. I treasured being able to put on Christmas music in my home, sit with my daughter and make a Christmas craft. I hope and pray that today will be remembered by her and that she will desire making special memories or even crafts with her daughter.

Thank you Lord for Christmas. Thank you for allowing there to have been a time in my life, Christmas time, to be filled with sweet memories and sweet times. Thank you Lord that it wasn't all bad. thank you too for those ladies, whoever they were- I have no idea, but bless them for creating a place that was safe for me, that showed me how people loved you with joy. I am blessed.

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