Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Happening...It's Really Happening.

After posting this picture I sat looking at it and just loved it.
 It really made me smile.

As I stared at them I saw myself in the one on the left
and my sweet daughter on the right.
My snowman has lost its glitter, most of it's felt buttons
and it's simply worn.
My daughter's snowman was made with materials that will last
and it's pretty.
 They are clearly not the same.  

And I will say, as worn out as I am, as much as trouble or heartbreak has broken off little pieces of me.
As much as the enemy has wanted to destroy my very life-
I am still standing! I am still here! I am still serving. I am still hoping to be made new some day.
I am still watching the Creator of me -change me, form me, recreate me and make me into that new creation.

(i know when He sees me He sees the "new creation," but when someone 'pushes' one of my insecure buttons i don't feel very "new creation.")

I am looking forward to the day when I will look less worn out-less weathered in spirit, and more free, more joyous, more wise. I look forward to the day that I am truly a new creation in mind, body and spirit. I believe it will come-and I am expectantly, and hopefully, looking forward to it.

Another thing about these little snowmen
is that when I saw them together
 I thought about my childhood.
 Thought about my daughter's childhood.
Our childhood's are as different as these two snowmen.
and I realized that, that's a good thing.
 Actually, that's a great thing. 

How glad I am that my daughter will not experience the pain I have. How glad I am that her life is being built out of things that will last. She is growing up knowing the Word of God. Knowing the love of Jesus. No matter what she goes through she will not be moved-or changed.

Sure, she will have her own issues to work through, but by God's amazing grace she is saved from so much.
The generational sin, junk, is not being steadily passed along. The richness of knowing Jesus is growing and there will be a heritage of believers in my family. I claim it!

My little three year old asked Jesus into his heart on 12/12/11. How amazing is that???
My son from his tender years will know and grow in the love of Jesus. There is hope. God is turning one worn out life into something new. God is taking said- worn out life- to create life that knows Him.

It's happening...it's really happening.

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