Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Open the Doors and Let the Harvest In.

I just finished directing a week of VBS or Vacation Bible School. I worked on it from November to June and now the week has come and gone. What's it for? Many people asked me, "Why do you have to spend so much money on VBS? Why can't you do it the way we did it in the '60's? Why does it have to be so complicated? Why do we need so many workers? 

I guess my view of VBS is not theirs. I see VBS as a missions trip where don't have to travel. The Lord said to me, "Ellie, I want you to stay, open the doors and let the harvest in." Amazing! They come to us! No door to door knocking-I did that in New York-and man, was that ever hard. No "four spiritual laws" as you're walking down the street. Just open the door and the harvest will come.

As for those that already know Christ- I believe their walk will grow even deeper. They're hearing the Bible stories, and seeing Christians in action. They also get to see that God can be known to them in laughter, dance, singing, games, etc. God cares about them having fun. I think too many of us grow up thinking that Christianity is soooo serious. Why can't it be fun?

I am amazed that God used ME. I directed VBS! I did something for the Kingdom. I'm truly amazed.

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