Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Bouquet of CUPCAKE Flowers!

My daughter and I watched this amazing video on a 
Immediately we knew who to make it for, my sister-in-law or to my daughter-her aunt.
My daughter asked me, "Can I make it for her?" 
I thought, "Wow! she wants to make this by herself for someone else!"
"Okay!" I said and we began creating the plan to accomplish such a task!

My daughter, who is eleven years old, baked all the cupcakes,
and assembled them with some of my help.

She made the icing and carefully
considered the four different colors of icing she wanted for the cake.
Then the piping began!

 She is an amazing perfectionist!
She had four different bags of icing going at the same time!
Some were in the refrigerator, while she used others, and
at other times she would put the bouquet in the fridge to make sure
the original flowers wouldn't "wilt."
This was a two hour process!
 I stayed by her side the whole time, coaching, encouraging,
taking pictures and being so proud!

 The part that she couldn't wait for-
presenting her cake to her special auntie!
 And for my daughter, whose love language is physical touch,
no thank you could have made her happier!

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