Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Little House on the Prairie:Chapter 3 & 4

So, reading page after page of the Ingals family
traveling by Prairie Schooner out of the woods
and into the prairie
has created new kind of play in my den!

 Peek-a boo!

 'Pa' is ready to go when 'Ma' is!

 We do not have 'Pet and Patty',
but a polar bear on roller-skates! Ha!
(Can I just say, I LOVE IT!)

We mapped the route that Pa and Ma took
from Wisconsin to Kansas.

We also learned and wrote about 
how important 'firebreaks' were for the Prairie.

And lastly, we talked about good old Jack.
It was so sad that he had gone missing.
The children were so concerned for him-
I can't wait for them to read that he is fine!

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