Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Little House on the Prairie: Chapter 1 and 2

We're beginning to read,
"Little House on the Prairie!"
I have gathered many, many, books
and have created a lesson plan binder
to house all my ideas and ideas I've gotten from others.

With Little House on the Prairie
we will be reading two chapters a week
because it's a much bigger book to get through.

So, here we are preparing our Lap Books!

This time we decided to use Scrap-Booking paper
to decorate the cover of our Lap Books.
I love how the individual ideas turned out!

Here is our 'Vocabulary" book.
My daughter drew the picture and I ran off copies for the other children.
 I LOVE it.

Our first project was to write or draw
about "Saying Goodbye."
The thoughts and feelings evoked from
Laura Ingals Wilder's writing was beautiful.
It was a great beginning!

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