Friday, January 31, 2014

Playing in the DIRT!

Yes, in the summer time I allow my kids to play in the dirt,
it is messy, and gross-that is to me, but my children love it!
And in the winter I allow them to play in the dirt too!

In my article called, "Let it SNOW!" 
I explained how we play in the 'snow' all year 'round.
Well, we play in the 'dirt' all year 'round too,
only this dirt is COFFEE! 

Over the years I have been given or have obtained coffee that I would never brew
 and so years ago I decided to let the kids play with it pretending that it was dirt. 

All you need:
- a few trays
- a zip-lock bag filled with cars, dump trucks and some men
- and a container full of un-brewed coffee grinds.

And stand back and watch them imagine!

So simple and yet so treasured!

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