Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Waiting for Jesus

I wanted a countdown or count-'up' chart to Christmas for several reasons. One: I'm a homeschooling mom and I try to incorporate some form of learning into everything I do with my children. A count-'up' chart that would start at day 1 and go 'up' to 25 would help my younger children learn their numbers. (The countdown from 25 to 1 might be a little too hard for them at this age). My older children, (that are still little guys to me), could learn how to look forward to a goal and reaching it. Two: I wanted something that we could look at each day and think about what Christmas is all about. and Thirdly: I really LOVE Christmas and I want them to get excited, not just on the 24th of December, but excited for twenty-five days!

The hunt began.
The time spent yielded...nada.

Okay, now it was up to me to create this Christmas countdown or 'up' that didn't have a Santa on it, or snowmen or Rudolf. Time was ticking and I wanted it up for December 1st. I  I simply came up with a Christmas tree. (I had seen a few different things here and there and put it all together). I drew a tree on a very large piece of foam paper. I then bought foam ornaments, snowflakes, and stocking stickers and put them into a basket. Each day one of the children went to the basket, chose whichever sticker they wanted, they had to tell me what number to write on the sticker and then placed it anywhere on the tree where they would like.

This first Count-'up' was made by my 5 and 3 year old.
(Christmas is not here yet, so we're not done of course).

This chart was made by my 9year old twins.

On December 1st I presented the two calendar count-'ups' to the children along with the stickers and the Nativity ornament. (I purchased the Nativity craft at a local craft store). They put number one on the top of tree and then made the Nativity craft and placed it under the tree. Now, I will tell you that the kids are happy with this,  but as the days are moving along my mind has come up with a different chart for next year. I will start working on it now so that I'll have it for next year. I'll post a picture of it when I'm done.

(In searching for something better for next year I came across this chart from Oriental Trading Company just yesterday. It is almost exactly like the one I created! The biggest difference is that the chart is very small. It is more for an individual child than a learning chart. Anyway, I had to show you all!)

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