Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning Cake

Every Christmas morning I prepare an elaborate breakfast. After all the presents are opened, we enjoy sitting down to a good, hearty meal. And what is a special breakfast without something special for the breakfast dessert? This year I made this, simple cake and not the prettiest, but something that helps us remember what we are indeed celebrating...the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The 'cake' is actually sugar cookie dough poured into a 9x13 pan.

The 'frosting' is simply:
1 container of cool whip
1 cream cheese brick
1/2 cup of sugar
blended well and smooth. 

I wanted to make the manger scene from fruit so:

The Star of Bethlehem is cut from a slice of fresh pineapple,
the manger is formed from pieces of  'Nutty Butty Bars.'
Baby Jesus' face is a 1/2 slice of an apple and
His body is made from blueberries
And lastly, the hay is cut up pieces of pineapple.
(I was going to use a banana, but I was afraid that it would go brown). 

So there you have it- An Ellie original!

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