Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Twins Room, that is when they were babies.

I remember the sunny day back in September of 2003 as if it was just yesterday. I had only two children then, my son who was three and my daughter who was one. I had just finished folding the laundry and was making my way from room to room to put it all away. When I finished tucking in the last drawer, and my basket was empty I headed toward the hallway and saw the empty guest room. I looked at it and passed it without a thought. Going down the hallway I felt something like a tap on my shoulder and heard in my heart, 

"You're going to have twins."

I stopped and went back to the empty room and said to the Lord, aloud, "God, if that is you and I'm going to have twins, what will the theme of the room be?" Immediately I heard, 

"They came two by two." 

I cannot explain the impression on my heart that I hold for my children's bedrooms to be covered in Biblical Scriptures. For each child I have prayed for a Bible verse that would minister to that particular child and have painted it on their bedroom wall. I believe the Lord knew how important that was for me and how funny, as I look back now, that my first question to God was, "What will the room theme be?" Only God could answer that question for me and He did.

A few weeks later my three-year old began praying at night time,

 "Lord, can I please have a baby sissy for me and a baby brother for sissy." 

Every night he began praying for twins, a boy and a girl, without us ever telling him that I felt God was saying we were to have twins. 

We got pregnant that December and made the appointment to get our first sonogram at the ten week mark. My husband and I went in, anxiously waiting to hear the words, "You're going to have twins!" But as the doctor scanned my belly he simply said, "Yup, you're gonna have a baby." We looked at each other with sad eyes. The doctor then asked us what was wrong and we proceeded to tell him how we believed we were going to have twins. He said, "Okay, let me look again."  He checked my entire belly and there he found TWO babies! One lying on top of the other! The funniest thing happened next, the doctor opened the door to our examining room, and yelled out, "This couple prayed for twins and got 'em!" 

 I began preparing the room right away. I gathered animal stamps- as many as I could find. I wanted to make a border of animals marching around the room toward the Ark that was placed in the center of their two cribs. I painted (stamped) the animals directly onto the wall. It was A-LOT of work!

I also wanted the crib sheets and bedding to match, but found that the crib sets were over $100 each and we just couldn't afford it. I looked on Craig's list and Ebay, but could not find a perfect match of two sets. So, I went to the fabric store. I found Precious Moments Noah's Ark fabric! The only problem was that I had NO idea how to make a blanket! I bought the fabric anyway and thought, "Ill just have to find a friend who knows how to sew!" I did. I showed a friend the fabric I bought and she told me alllll the other things I would need to complete the blanket. I got the stuff, she came over and we sewed the two quilts for the twins. One with a pink border and one with a blue border.

I really loved this room for them.
It reminded me of God's faithfulness to Noah's obedience.
It reminded me too of how God protected Noah and his family and how He had a good plan for them.
In the early months of the twins lives, life was tough, but sitting in the rocker with them and looking up and seeing the Scripture and remembering how God prepared my heart months before we were even pregnant always helped me to press on no matter how little sleep I had gotten.

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