Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sewing Scarves and Hats for the Kids

I cannot stress enough how little I sew,
which means I don't really know how to sew,
but that didn't stop me.
 I really wanted to make my children
'personalized' hats and scarfs sets.

 I went to a local fabric store,
asked them to help me find a pattern
(See, I didn't even know how to find one!)
found a pattern and so began my journey.
Here is the link to the pattern: Hat and Scarf Pattern

The ladies at the store had to teach me
where to look on the pattern to know just how much fabric I would need for one set.
Then I sent my children out into the wilds of aisle after aisle of bolts of fabric!

Next step, was to actually do it.
How hard can it be to make a scarf?
Well, I was stumped!
I have a dear friend who was just as excited as I was to make it
so she helped me decipher the pattern.

I pushed the fabric under the needle, lowered the peddle,
and somehow I created hat and scarf sets for my kids!
Here they are!

My daughter thought the princesses were the greatest!

My son LOVES soccer!

And my youngest boy ADORES animals!

I made five hat and scarf sets, I will post those pics later!

I made each set one size bigger
so that I could get at least two winters out of them-
I hope it'll be more than that, but who knows!

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