Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a 'Holy' New Year!

Recently, I heard a Pastor teach on, "How to be a Happy and Holy Family." He said that we usually don't hear happy and holy together. Holiness is usually connected to legalism, shame, and  a list of rules that drain people-such would be a religious holiness. But a holiness that comes through the Holy Spirit is light and breathes life and joy. A home with true holiness does not have legalism. It's a holiness that is about grace, love and faithfulness. A truly holy family gives birth to happiness.

He also said that when we pursue a 'happy' life we will find ourselves doing things that lead us into sin, but when we pursue a 'Holy' life lead by the Spirit we find happiness will follow. So, for example when I am sad and want to be happy I think that a 'sweet treat' or 'comfort foods' will make me happy, but five pounds later I am more sad than when I started the eating binge and the original sadness, well, it's still there. Now, for the other times that I have been sad and  have searched for God's touch on my life, He reveals to me the truth of my wounds, heals me, shows me a new plan and amazingly, before I even notice it, happiness and peace fill my heart. I am sure many of you can name your own vice when searching for happiness: shopping, drinking, etc. but as we all know these things do not lead to happiness. True holiness leads to a happy life.

So, I declare a Holy New Year, not a Happy New year. My desire is to search after God as I never have before. I want to read the Word of God more, be in prayer more, minister to the lost and brothers and sisters in Christ more. I want a deeper holiness to enter my wife-hood and motherhood. A deeper holiness in regards to my family and friendships.  I want a holiness like I have never known. I want to touch lives and be touched. I want more of Jesus in every area of my life. I want to continue to link arms with my husband and follow God's calling on our lives. I want to walk the path that He has for us and see our children following us. I want more of Him and less of me.

I pray you too will have a holy new year. A year where you will see God touching your life. A year where you will hear God's voice, see the plan He has for you, and be so completely filled with His love that His love will break all chains of fear and set you free to love others. I pray that you will have the courage to live in the faith that God calls you to be holy and happy. Many blessings of a holy life to you!

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