Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A God Encounter

It seems that where ever I go I bump into people who are hurting.
 People are hurting everywhere.
 I'll admit it, I'm one of them.

So, for the story of  'A God Encounter:' I was in the store today at the check-out counter with my kids when I looked up and saw this beautiful middle-aged African-American woman. She was stunning to me. She was dressed beautifully and looked like she had it 'all together.' I stopped staring at her and looked down at her purchases. She was only buying baby lotions and baby shampoos. (She had $2.00 coupons for each item and it was "double coupons up to $2.00" day). So, I remarked, "Wow, you're doing great!" She looked at me and started telling me about her six week old grandson. How he's been colic and has a very bad case of eczema. I told her about my children and how I handled eczema. I also shared how I have six children of my own and I know how hard sleepless nights and anxiety makes for a really hard time.  I encouraged her that, "We must believe that God will heal him and see us through." 

Before I knew it she was telling me about how she is her grandson's only caregiver, working full-time and other troubles. My heart broke for her. I started tearing up. I reached out my hand and touched her. Then before I knew it I was praying for her. I prayed a prayer of blessing, peace and hope. I don't know what happened, but when I opened my eyes from praying and looked at her it was like...well, she looked different. The heaviness seemed lifted.

We soon got yelled out by one of the other customers for stopping the line. She turned around and said, "When God is in control, don't nobody stop Him. God knew I needed His touch today."

I reached out and hugged her and cried again, this time because the God of the universe used ME. I don't have it "all together." I am not immune to a broken heart. And YET God would use me. I'm still crying for that woman. I can't stop praying for her. She paid for her items and seriously, she was gone. I looked for her in the parking lot, but could not see her. I can't explain it, my heart is weepy for her and all she is going through. My eyes are still filled with tears in awe of our little prayer time.

Lord, you know which 'sheep' of yours I prayed with today. Bless her Lord with strength, with joy, with peace, and with hope. I pray for the baby's mother, where ever she is, that she would come to know you and be reunited with her baby. And Father, thank you for using me. I love you so much Lord.

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