Friday, January 27, 2012


I am a mommy to my six children and I have been in mommyhood for twelve years now. I have alot to say on the subject, probably not as much as some, but still enough for new moms. So, as my mind was swirling on what to talk about or where to begin I thought I'd hear from you all first.

What do you want to hear about?

1-The terror of being a new mommy
2- Baby number two is on the way, how is life going to change?
4-Is God asking us to have more children?
5-How do I schedule my day?
6-Why home-school?
7-How do I get out of the house with six children, look put together and not feel ragged?
8-How or why should I run a ministry when ministering to my family is hard enough?
9-Bible time?
10-Dates with hubby-he's my first love
11-Food shopping-really, I have to do that too?
12-When do I start giving my kids chores?
13-Bedtime routine.
14-laundry, laundry, laundry.
15-Is there such a thing called, "me time?"
16-Breakfast, lunch and Dinner menu for the month!
18-Dates and special one on one time
19-Toys-gotta love 'em
20-Dealing with judgement from the world
21-"Hope I don't do things like my mother did"-parenting out of fear
22-sleep deprived and yet I still have to parent
These are my ideas or things I have come across in my journey of mommyhood. So, pick one or give me one that you'd like to hear about. -

 I'd love to share my journey in this world of motherhood.


  1. #16 - menu planning. I'd love to hear how you've made it work for our family!

  2. Okay- the challenge is on, Vicki =)
    And as for the rest of you...dozens of you read "Mommyhood," but left no comment- which means you liked the title enough to search it out, but not brave enough to tell me what you want me to write about. Be brave!!! I want to hear from you!

  3. I'm pretty far off from mommyhood - but i'd love to hear about date nights and "me time." Ya know, for the future ;)

  4. Got it, Angie! I think by the time I'm done writing about my mommyhood experiences it'll be a book! and by then you'll be a mommy!!! =D

  5. ALL of them!! But 4,5,6,7,8,9,15 &20 are all ones that I seem to find are of great interest to other mommies. I know my take on all of them but am always interested to hear others views and opinions.

  6. Well, I will do my best to answer all the questions =) I love this journey of mommyhood and would love to share what the Lord has shown me. If my stories are like a hand reaching back to help someone else along this road I'm blessed to do it!