Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What was Christmas like in Your Home Growing Up?

i'd love to hear about all your
- traditions,
- memories,
-favorite movies,
- your favorite present ever!
or -whatever you'd like to share-

I think it would minister to so many if we all just take a moment to share one, two or as many things that come to your heart that made Christmas special.

and then i'll share mine ;)
by the way...Merry Christmas!


  1. Okay this is a funny one that I'm probably the only one in my family to remember. :) I'm sure it was no big deal to everyone else, but to me . . . well I thought I would die of embarrassment. It was the Christmas that I was probably 8 or 9 years old. We always took turns watching each other open our presents - no crazy everyone opening gifts at once chaos. It was my turn and I had a present from Gramma in hand (usually pretty good stuff there). Everyone watched patiently as I tore into it. I was immediately super excited to see the image of one of my favorite Disney characters - the Little Mermaid! I pull it all the way out of the wrapping and TIME STOPS as I find that it's a 3-pack of pastel colored underpants featuring the Little Mermaid. I turn beat red and quickly try to shuffle it back under the paper before my three brothers can get a chance to tease me. Since you happen to be married to one of said brothers, I'm sure you can imagine he never had a teasing problem growing up. :) Somehow life went on. Probably Isaac demanded more presents or something, though I don't remember for certain. It all went kind of hazy after that...probably from the lack of oxygen to my brain. I ASK YOU - WHO GIVES UNDERWEAR AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT? Especially to a child who's old enough to be embarrassed by that? That's what Grammas are for. :)

  2. well, done sha-sha!!! but i must admit that my grandma gave us a new nightgown and underpants every Christmas and honestly, i LOVED it!!! you wanna know why??? being the youngest of five girls i not only received the hand-me-downs of your usually shirts, pants, dresses and shoes...but dare i say...underwear too!!!! i have no memory of new undergarments except from my grandma on Christmas day!!! (different perspective =D love you much girly!!!