Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Memories...

So where does one begin?

I have a rush a memories flooding my mind -good and sad ones all mixed together, but...i'll stick with the sweet ones.

Okay, so here we go...
--One Christmas I really wanted a particular baby doll. She had a plastic head, arms and legs, but her body was soft-I think she was called, "Baby so Soft." anyway, I really wanted her, but I found out later that my mother said she would not buy me another baby doll. well, when one of my sisters heard that i wasn't going to get the one thing i really wanted for Christmas she saved up her money and bought it for me. my mother, who would not stand for being 'out shined' ran out and bought me one too!  so, on Christmas morning i not only got the dolly i wanted, but twins!!!! it was the best surprise. i delighted in my twins for years. (how amazing to me that the Lord gave me twins in real life too!).

--another story--i remember when i was twelve years old my sisters boyfriend (whom she later married) asked me what was the one thing i always wanted for Christmas and never got. I quickly pulled out a magazine and showed him a picture of a dollhouse. (i remember the first time i saw that dollhouse -i had to have been in the third grade). anyway, he told me that that would be a really nice gift, but there was no way he could afford it. i completely let the idea of ever having my own doll house go.

Christmas morning came and in he walked with the biggest package i had ever seen! with tears in his eyes  and the happiest smile he looked at me and said, "merry Christmas ellie." I slowly opened it. i was too afraid to dream. as i unraveled the paper my dreams came true. i fell in love with it at once. as i stared at it in awe. i heard him say how sorry he was that he couldn't afford the one i wanted, but how he hoped this one would do. then my sister said, "ellie, he designed and made this one for you." i tell you my heart was completely overwhelmed. i felt so loved. ---since that time i have made three dollhouses and refurbished one.  (-two of the dollhouses i have given to my own daughters).

--i remember the first time i ever saw the movie, "it's a wonderful life." it had been a long day of our regular chores on a saturday. i was so tired. my sister made hot cocoa and sat me down to watch the movie. i was glued from the very moment it started. i didn't know who jimmy stewart was or how famous the movie was either, but i did know that God was watching out for this guy, george bailey. i was so touched. so moved. so encouraged. so filled with hope. a hard day turned into a day of joy. best movie ever. i have watched it every Christmas season without fail and my husband even made a movie of it staring himself as george and me as mary. we have a wonderful life, know it and thank God for it!

--as an adult i just loved the first Christmas in our own home. it was a Christmas of alot of  'firsts"
--it was the first Christmas living out of ny,
--first Christmas in a house that my husband and i had recently bought and
-- our first child's first Christmas.
i remember waking up on Christmas morning with more delight and excitement in my heart than ever i was a child. i skipped over to my son's room and scooped him out of his crib. we all went downstairs, played Christmas music, lit a fire in the fire place, and opened presents. the joy, the freedom to be loved and to love. each Christmas that we have had a 'new arrival' join in on the fun it has felt as fantastical as that first one. each Christmas sitting around the den and watching the children open presents, honey video tapping, music playing, fire burning,-- has reinforced how very blessed i am.

so there you have it- just a few memories of Christmas past. i find it is always good to sit and remember. to see how very much the Lord has blessed you and take time to thank Him.

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