Monday, February 15, 2016

Homemade Get Well Doodle Cards

When sickness strikes you usually send a card or flowers or do something that will bring cheer into the persons day-right? Well, in our home, each time a family member catches a cold, the rest of us, who are well, make 'Get Well Cards' for the said ill person. I've done it for years and never thought to share my ideas, until now.

When my husband got the flu and was in bed for days the kids and I got busy preparing these pages for him. Here is an example of a Get well doodle card:

The cover is usually a coloring page of some kind.
 I simply write: "Get Well Soon!" at the top.

My daughter finger painted the flowers on the tree,
and then I wrote:
"Count how many flowers are on the tree,
that's how many kisses you need from me!"

Then we make pages and pages of things
for the sick family member to do in bed.
This page says:
"Poor daddy cut his face while shaving.
Help him by putting a Band-Aid on."

A "Tic-Tac-Toe" page...of course.

Then another coloring page.
Usually we leave it blank for the person
receiving the card to color.

                                                     THEN, there is the MONEY page!
I scoop up all the change I have and allow
the kids to use it in a drawing.
The title on this page is usually something like:
"When you get better you can use this money to buy something..."

There is always a "Jesus" page.
This time we made this:
"Jesus is holding His lamb.
Open His arms and find out who it is!" 

The arms open and the lamb's necklace reads: "Daddy."

So, these were a few pages we made to fill up a
book for the sick person in our house- Daddy.
Hope you were inspired to make Get Well Cards with your
children! It's so much fun!  

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