Monday, November 16, 2015

A Chicken Birthday Party! (WHAAAT???!!)

Where does one begin?
Well, first: My son loves our four chickens 
and hopes to be a farmer when he grows up.
Second: His birthday is coming and well,
what else would a six year old who loves his chickens
want as his birthday theme???
It seemed simple, it seemed doable,
but there are only 
"Happy 1st Birthday" farm decorations! 
So, I went to Pinterest, like any smart mom would do!
I found some fun ideas.

I hung chickens and balloons all over !

For the children's party I made chicken cupcakes:

For the family party I made a cake:
(My own creation and idea!)

 (I made the chicken coop out of chocolate!)

Now for the games...
What is a party without a pinata???
My son decided that it couldn't be a chicken
so we made an 'egg' pinata.

Pinata Recipe
1 cup flour,
1 cup water,
large punching balloon-(inflate)
newspaper- cut into strips

Combine flour and water together-mix well
Take strips of newspaper and dip in flour paste.
Cover the entire balloon, wait for it to dry and 
cover it again.
I covered the balloon 3x!
My son had some dear friends help make it!
Once completely dry,
cut a small hole at the top of the pinata
to add lots and lots of candy.

and then decorate with streamers.

Another birthday game was
pin the 'beak' on the 'chicken!'

We also had an 'EGG HUNT."
I used the plastic Easter eggs and placed
one puzzle piece in each, hid the eggs,
and the children not only had to find 24 eggs,
but then had to assemble the puzzle before the other team 
completed the puzzle!

We played a bunch of games, but one that I really loved
was when the children had to eat like a chicken!
I put a whole box of Oreo cookies in the food processor-
to make the dirt!
Then on each plate I placed 8 gummy 'worms!' 
I covered each plate and worms with the 'dirt.'
The first child who found and ate all eight worms was the winner!
(We played this game at the family party-there were less children!)

Now for a few of the presents!

A dear friend gave him a 
'bacon and eggs' costume!

 Another loving friend bought him a chicken stuffy
and made a cage for it!

Grandma bought our future farmer boy his own
farming tools and ...
 chicken wash clothes.

Hubby and I found a Playmobil barn...

 and bought chickens, pigs, cows!
His sissy's got him lambs and rabbits!

This is one blessed boy! 

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  1. You did an AMAZING job putting together this party - so creative and fun. I know it really blessed him, and all the children who came. Thank you!