Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Updating My Kitchen Cabinets

Can I just say,
I have waited fifteen years for this remodel!

I don't have pictures of 'before'
I painted the cabinets white,
(I painted the cabinets fifteen years ago).
but I do have pictures of what they looked like
before hubby and I changed the handles and hinges!

All of the cabinets had handles, but
I really wanted knobs.
A cleaner, sleeker look.

 The handles were big and antiquated.
(It's okay, you can say it...the handles were gross!)

And...oh yeah, I sloppily painted the hinges!
(Which was truly an accident-
I'm not the most careful painter!)

 But now they look like this...

Hubby painted all the cabinets with a fresh coat.  
He put in all new knobs on the top cabinets and 
handles for the drawers and bottom cabinets.

(This job wasn't as easy as it looks. Each top cabinet handle had created two holes in the each cabinet -one for the top screw and one for the bottom screw. A knob requires only one hole to attach to a cabinet. My husband filled each top hole, of every top cabinet, with wood putty, sanded it down and painted over it). He also changed all the hinges! 

The last change we made was the following: As you can see we had a range-hood over the stove-NOT a microwave. I really wanted the microwave above the stove because I had to put the microwave on the counter-when I have hardly any counter space to begin with! Here is the 'before' picture...

We took out the hood, but the microwave couldn't fit in the little space, 
soooo we had to buy a smaller, unfinished cabinet at Home Depot, 
paint it to match, and install.

Then we installed the microwave and viola! 

We bought all the items over time-
 using coupons at ACE Hardware.
We even waited for the paint to go on sale!

The kitchen has a new updated look without
the huge expense of a real remodel. 

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