Wednesday, June 18, 2014


With the many fears I've had to conquer over the years, and with the many fears that are still left, I pray every day for protection over my husband, my children and myself. I believe God hears my prayers, but what I have come to learn is that God wants to protect His children.

I believe that God has saved me from more than I could ever thank Him for. I believe He has protected me from near misses in the car, for it has been over twenty years since I have been involved in a car accident. He protects my children from broken bones or worse. With six children jumping down the stairs, flying through the air on the zip-line, diving into pools, I know He has protected us. He protects me from things I cannot see, and even one time as I could feel the danger.

I was nineteen years old, in college and had decided to study in the campus library one particular Saturday afternoon. My friend dropped me off around 1pm and said he'd pick me up around nine that night after the library closed. I was set for a day of digging in and working hard. After settling into my seat, pulling out my books, I realized that the library closed at 5pm on the weekends. I had no way of contacting my friend, there were no cell phones back then. So, at five o'clock, closing time, I packed up my stuff, searched for a college building that was open, found a desk and kept on studying until nine.

Around seven o'clock the cleaning crew appeared. Many men began filling the hallways, with mops, brooms and the like. They spied me, but never said a word. In time I began to feel anxious about being a woman all alone in building with strange men. I gathered my stuff and continued to study in the foyer, right by the door, until nine. I watched the sun set and was just waiting for the sands of time to empty and release me to go home. The men circled around me on the second floor terrace. Every few minutes watching me. Checking on me. Finally it was 8:45pm, no one was around.
I felt frightened all of a sudden.
A fear dropped down upon me like a spider lowering herself from her web.
I jumped up and began to run.
My destination was clear across the campus.
Fear saturated my veins.
It was dark.
I could not see a single soul on the grounds.
As I ran I could see, in my mind, the faces of the cleaning men and could almost feel them at my heels. When I reached a well lit area, a song entered my mind. A song about angels watching over me by Amy Grant. I was so frigthened that I began singing it out loud and as loud as I could.

I made it.
I reached my  destination.
I sat on the curb and nearly collapsed.
My friend arrived and we drove off.
I wondered all that evening why I was so scared.
What had happened that made my heart fill with terror.

Monday morning, as I sat down to read the Daily News newspaper, I found out why.
A young girl, just about my age, was raped in the very building I had been in on that very same Saturday night.
I had been there.
I never heard a thing.
Never saw her.
But I did see the guilt and sin those men's eyes.

God's unseen hand pushed me out of that building and across the campus. He gave me a song to sing and shout as I ran. Maybe to ward off the enemy. Maybe to put fear in those men's hearts. God saved me. God protected me. I am His and He is my Father. My Father protects me.

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