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Godly Girls Summer Camp 2013!

Godly Girls Summer Camp 2013!!!!
Meeting God at the Beach

It has been my desire to speak into our girls’ lives about the love of Jesus, to show them that Jesus has a plan for their lives as young ladies and how God also has a plan for them as future women, wives and mothers. This is my fifth year of Godly Girls where I have been given the opportunity to do what God has called me to do!

Each day is broken down into five different parts: a spiritual time, 'high tea,' craft, lunch, journal and a time to reflect. Our opening and closing time together is a spiritual one. We will spend time reading specific scriptures that go along with our theme, allow for discussion, and learn how to journal and to pray. This summer we will spend time each day focusing on stories where Jesus is near 'water' or sand: I’m calling it, "Meeting Jesus at the Beach." I am passionate about teaching the children the Word of God and talking to them about the different parables Jesus shared or stories of Jesus touching lives. 

For instance: Day three is entitled, "Jesus plays with the sand too!"  I'll be sharing from the book of John chapter 8. In this chapter we find a woman who has sinned and ready to be stoned. Jesus is fingering the sand. He tells her,“Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.” I will share with the girls that no matter what we have done, once we have confessed our sins to the Lord, we are forgiven and He does not condemn us. The craft for the day will include a chance for the girls to play with sand too! We will be making sand art! 

Our craft time will take in the practical side of who we are as ladies. Each craft is to help prepare them for the future role God has for them one day. I’ll be teaching them how decorate a wooden picture frame with shells, how to make 'balloon" flip flops, sand art, jewelry making and baking! Each year I spend the last day speaking to them about outreach or ministry to the lost and teaching them to make a craft to give away.

And finally, our tea time and lunch time will be a time of learning how to sit, eat and talk like ladies at the table.

Date: July 8 – 12th                               Time: 
Attire: a dress/comfortable clothing      Please pack a lunch
Fee: $50/week + registration                 Please bring a Bible & journal

I do hope you are able to take part in this very special and fun week. If you are interested, please copy the registration form, fill it out and send it to me along with the registration check of $15.00. (The registration fee is so I can hold your spot and begin buying craft items).

Joy in Jesus,                                       
Ellen Gill ~

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Godly Girls Registration

Child’s Name:_________________________________________________
Child’s age:___________________________________________________
Parents name:_________________________________________________
Phone number:________________ cell phone:_______________________

Does your child know how to bake? Own an apron?

Anything you feel I need or should know about your child?

***Registration fee: $15.00  
(Two or more daughters in the class registration is $10/child)
***Please respond no later than Friday, June 14, 2013.

Feel free to contact me:

So looking forward to spending time with all the girls.
 God is sooooo good and I can’t wait to share His love
with each one of them!!!
Blessings, and Joy,
Ellen Gill            

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