Thursday, March 21, 2013

My First Recipe Swap: Part 2!

If you are wondering what a 'recipe swap' is let me tell you, I made it up! You see I had just finished planning my dinner menu for the month of March and was beginning the daunting task of making up the menu for April. (Yes, I plan a meal for each day for the month-a month in advance. "Menu planning for the Month"). I took out my recipe books and started paging through them when I pondered, "I wish there was an easier way." With that, I began thinking about inviting friends over for an exchange of our favorite dinner recipes. I'd been to many a 'cookie swap' at Christmas time so why not a recipe swap? I announced the idea through this blog and Facebook and friends responded!

I can not even express how very excited I was the morning I was going to host my very first recipe swap! I cleaned, baked and made copies of my top five favorite dinner recipes. (They were almost all Italian ones!-I hope they didn't mind).  One o'clock was our scheduled time to get together-I could hardly wait. As friends and their children came into my home my heart was completely thrilled. We were a group of seven ladies and thirteen children. The children played outside in the backyard, in the house and in the playroom, while the moms sat around my dining room table and shared recipes. We talked about which ones were easy and which ones were delicious! We shared and swapped many dinner ideas. We were all teaching each other one thing or another.  It was just great. It was so wonderful in fact that they all asked if I would consider ever doing it again. I had already thought of a plan: a recipe swap four times a year-winter, spring, summer and fall. With each new season we'll have new recipes to bless our families with.

At the end of the day my whole calendar was filled with new recipes and my food shopping list made long. I cannot wait to try my new recipes and think about the person who gave it to me. My friends are all precious to me in their own unique way and I will be praying for them and their families each night that I cook their recipe. I am so looking forward to this new tradition in my life. I can't wait to see who shows up next time and how many children we will have!!! It's gonna be great =D

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