Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My First Recipe Swap!

The end of one month is approaching and that means the beginning of a new month is on the horizon. It also means that the new month menu is planned (check), shopping list complete (check), and groceries are purchased (check).  But I'm not done- it also, also means that now begins next months planning! It takes me a few weeks to plan out my family's dinner menu for a month. I like looking for new recipes and digging up old ones. I am a member to and have searched through saved file upon saved file of their suggested recipes and it's a great help, but I've come up with a much more exciting plan!

I thought I might intrigue you to do a recipe swap with me. Send me your top five favorite recipes and I'll send you mine! They can be 'tried and true' recipes or new ones. As an added bonus the people who respond can come over for coffee one fine afternoon with their recipes (copies made for all attendees) and swap recipes! I am combining a coffee day with a work day. Who's up for it???

I love my afternoon coffee dates with friends each week, so please consider coming!!! Of course your children are welcome too! Looking forward to new recipes and my coffee guests!

(PS - if you would like to come please send me a note via e-mail to let me know and so I can tell you the date, time and how many copies to make). 

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