Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just an Ordinary Day

Today I got up, went downstairs and found most of my little ones awake. My eldest had already loaded the dishwasher because the night before I was just too tired to load it myself. We had breakfast and played a around of Bible "Jeopardy" in preparation for the Bible test they were going to have. (Girls won 6,200 to boys 6,100). Next, we cleaned-Monday is our cleaning day. We started school--little boy was in play time-- little girl was asleep.

When eleven am rolled around I wanted to head to the library to return the dvds and to take a break. We loaded up into the big blue van- everyone helping to get the little ones locked up and off we went. We marched. Return our handful of dvd's we rented and went back to get some more. The kids each got to pick one dvd- I think I got something for Ben and I and out we went. The kids love to run around the walled in tree area- even the littlest wanted to go today-(she really was too scared). After that we loaded up again and off to Sam's Club to hand in a prescription for contact lenses. The guy said I didn't have what he needed to fill it- drats! Back into the van and home.

At home the babies go down for naps and the "big" kids finish school. I tried to get some quiet time to read the Bible. My big girl worked on a children's track to hand out at night of no fear. I'm amazed at her genuine heart for the lost. I am teary-eyed.

Hubby walked in around 2:30pm. We all talked to him and then I ran out with oldest and youngest to the eye Dr. to pick up another prescription and also the Dollar Tree. Home again - I made Chinese for dinner.

After dinner, I was off again to drop oldest at soccer practice.  I took two little ones of mine with me and  went to Ollies to try and find a birthday present and then to Joanne's to find fabric so I could make the girls dresses. I was looking for fall fabric, but actually came across a Nativity fabric- I guess I'll be making Christmas dresses instead of fall dresses.

Home again- put little boy to sleep with books read, Bible songs sung, and oodles of kisses-- listen to big girl talk of her wonderful piano teacher and lesson-worked on a history project with biggest boy- put three more to bed with prayer time and kisses on sweet chubby cheeks and watched a movie with biggest boy and hubby.

Now this--my blog.  Big days--I'm gonna miss them. The simple everyday things-the chores, the outings, being together-it's just an ordinary day-I have had so many of them- nothing great to boast about-just us. us--being together. Can't really imagine a time where we wouldn't all be living together-sharing our day to day lives, but I know it must come. I truly cherish these days.

"This is the day, (albeit- boring or exciting, successful or full of defeat, full of labor or slumber, laughing or crying, changing dirty diapers or not so dirty diapers, quiet time or loud times, school or breaks) the LORD has made and I will rejoice in it." (Psalm 118: 24 NKJV)

For He has given me a day to be me, a wife, a mom and I praise Him for counting me worthy of such a task. thank you Lord for all you have given me -I rejoice in it.

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