Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family...A Precious Word.

Family.- A group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head.
             Basic unit in society consisting traditionally of two parents rearing their children. (Webster Dictionary)

Mishpachah - (Yiddish) The entire family network of relatives by blood or marriage (and sometimes close friends).

These scholarly definitions are not truly defining family for me. My idea of family is so much bigger, and I think so much better.

So, here's my definition of family...

Family- begins with two people, a man and a woman, who love each other very much and are blessed to have children. Their children have children and their children have children. And they are there for one another. No matter what they are there for one another. Family looks out for one another. Family listens. Family helps. Family understands. Family prays. Family loves. They love with hugs, and squishes, and presents, and words of affirmation. Family is always excited to see you. A family member's door is always open. You are never turned away.

Family doesn't notice if you are wearing make-up, and hair is 'depoofed.' Family laughs with you, not at you, for the chub line around your middle and sometimes they laugh at their own chub too. Family talks about who got dad's chin and eyebrows while so-and-so got mom's hair and freckles.

Family takes your phone call no matter what the time of day or night. Family talks on the phone for two-to-three hours or minutes or just hangs up when they hear the baby is crying in the background and you just had to go-no explanation is needed.

In family the older ones pass down the family traditions, wisdom, and Godly advice and the family recipes. Family loves to eat together. They love to eat the same food that they have enjoyed together for years. nothing new, but always good.

Family loves your child from the moment they know the little one is inside of you.  They tear-up with joy to hear the words, "we're having a baby." Family loves to smell your children's hair and toes and kiss their bellies. Family loves to call each other by their nickname. Family loves the new words that are added to the family vocabulary like "shew-shew" for shoes or "tutle" for turtle or "that's fa-diculous" for 'that's ridiculous.'

Family thinks of you and buys you little chakas 'just because.' Family travels eight or so hours just to see you. They sleep in sleeping bags on the floor and cram in together just so they can get every possible minute together. Family plays games like Guesstures- acting out silly things and die laughing together. Family remembers the inside jokes and those jokes can last for years and no one tires of the retelling.

Family remembers your heartbreak. Family cries with you. Family suffers with you. Family sticks by you. Family never forgets you. Family knows who you are and loves everything about you. Family hopes for the best, prays for the blessings, and never lets you go.

So, if your family isn't perfect- an aunt is annoying, mom bugs you about something, grandpa makes obscene noises at parties, a possible competition going on between sisters or brothers, financial worries, feeling like you don't necessarily fit in...remember that you at least have family-that you have been blessed with family. With all of it's quirks and hick-ups - they are still family and no one and nothing can take the place of family.

My definition for family is possibly a bit too long for "Webster," but if you are to define a word, I say, you best get it right.

(part of the "Prima Famiglia Saga")

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